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Step up your teaching game with four excellent courses! Our teachers will boost your skillset with a focus on yoga, resistance, and deep water blending, coming soon to Bainbridge Island, in Washington!

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Fall Innovations 2015 Options

Comments from our Dalles, OR workshop:

"Great class, very informative motivated presenter . Great!"

"I liked the lecture portion of the class. Reviewing the muscles then taking it into the water and analyzing which muscles we were using was a great help. "

"I really enjoyed this class. Robin is very energetic and motivating. She is easy to understand and makes learning fun."

"Overall a great class! I learned tons."

Aquatics and More offers educational programming for both new and experienced aquatic fitness professionals. Current workshops include the following:

AMW 001 A&M Beginning Instructor Training: 9 CECs

This workshop has been very successful in training new instructors.

We are seeing a nationwide need for a training module that addresses the fundamental of teaching water exercise; a course that is easy enough to attract beginners and gives pre-training for eventual AEA Certification. AEA recommends that certification candidates have at least six months of teaching experience before taking the exam. How do we bridge this gap for our new instructors and help them build their knowledge base for the delivery of safe and effective classes? This course is designed to do just that by providing new water exercise instructors with basic knowledge of the musculature system. Trainees will be given the tools to analyze and create movement sequences that are safe and effective. Also covered are applicable physical laws of aquatic fitness and movement of the human body in the water.

An emphasis will be placed on how to alter participant movements to maximize their workout. Basic choreography will be shown along with various styles and base moves to create balanced movement combinations.

Instructors will learn the importance of cueing techniques and will also be given the practical skills to demonstrate safe and effective use of water exercise equipment.

Certified instructors can earn up to 9 CECs for this workshop. Please be aware that this is an entry-level course and will be a great way to refresh and review for certified instructors.

Major Muscles & Movement Basics (M&M): 3 CECs

This course will provide water exercise instructors with knowledge of the musculature system with a focus on the major muscles locations, joints involved, and movement analysis. Analyze and create movement sequences that can produce a more effective class with better results. Often, we have a physical therapist available for question and answers.

Obeying the Law - Physical Laws: 3 CECs

How to apply physical laws of movement in water, including inertia, acceleration, action/reaction, and drag forces in a fun, creative way. You will bring home new ideas that you can use right away.

Deep Water Blending: 3 CECS

Going deep is a great way to off load our joints in a supportive environment. Gain knowledge of the Burdenko method - a systematic approach to deep water for conditioning and training while blending deep water moves you already know.

Putting It Together: 3 CECs

This course will focus on choreography, the various styles of choreography, basic moves to create balanced movements and combinations. Instructors will gain knowledge on cueing and how to incorporate words that motivate and encourage their classes. This is a great refresher for seasoned instructors.

Pathway to Resistance: 3 CECs

The tide is changing. Explore a variety of challenging ways that keep your participants stimulated. We will be looking at tabata inspired intervals, circuit stations, and stationary power moves that provide ways to enhance progressive overload. Great for all ages and ability levels.

Keep it Fresh: 3 CECs

Have you ever been stuck in a rut where you are feeling like a broken record? Same old moves, nothing new to add?Keep It Fresh is all about waking up your senses and getting you fired up with some creative thinking tips.

Adaptive Yoga - Presented By Kara Knight

This course will familiarize instructors with chronic and acute physical and mental challenges and how the therapeutic nature of water and yoga can work together to bring comfort. Instructors will learn how to adjust any move to make it appropriate for specific populations. It will also teach instructors how to encourage students' personal awareness and acceptance to increase confidence and ease.

This course is not available on Sundays.

Aqua Yoga - Presented By Kara Knight

This course will give instructors basic understanding of how to bring the benefits of water and yoga together. It will deepen their knowledge of yoga theory and explore ways to share the information in a comfortable way.

Instructors will learn how to adjust any pose to make it water-friendly. This will increase their ability to develop more balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation in students in traditional and unexpected ways.

This course is not available on Sundays.

Private Lessons

A customized training program can be created for instructors one-on-one or in small groups on a variety of aquatic fitness topics of your choice. This option is available for those living in the Vancouver, WA metropolitan area.

Hosting a Workshop

You may want to consider hosting a workshop. It's easy and offers complimentary registrations based on the size of your group. Feel free to download the PDF files below regarding the process for booking a workshop, suggested facility requirements, and a general overview of available workshops.